Institute Online Training

Institute Online Training

93 videos, agendas, readings and other materials covering every lecture and field training site from the five Institute training workshops.

SAF CFEs are available by session, not by individual video. To qualify, view all videos and complete all required readings for a session. Upon completion, email and state, “I completed viewing all videos and read all required readings for “session name” on “date of completion.” Include your full name, postal address, state license number (if applicable) and SAF certified forester number (if applicable). You will receive a certificate of attendance and national SAF will be notified. No partial credits awarded. See credits assigned by session below (as of March 1, 2022).

1. Online Overview Session

2. Online Spruce-Fir Session

3. Online Pine-Oak-Hemlock Session

4. Online Northern Hardwood Session

5. Online Mixed Oak-Hickory Session