Institute Online Training

Institute Online Training

Online training – 91 videos, agendas, readings and other materials covering every lecture and field training site from the five 2017 Institute training workshops, available below:

Online Training Videos and Online Training Documents

(click on these links below for videos of all classroom (with PowerPoints) & field training and the documentation – agendas, readings, etc – which should be viewed prior to and during the watching of the videos)

1. a. Online Overview session videos                                                                                      b. Overview session documents

2. a. Online Spruce-Fir session videos                                                                                   b. Spruce-Fir session documents

3. a. Online Pine-Oak-Hemlock session videos                                                               b. Pine-Oak-Hemlock session documents

4. a. Online Northern Hardwood session videos                                                            b. Northern Hardwood session documents

5. a. Online Mixed Oak-Hickory session videos                                                               b. Mixed Oak-Hickory session documents