2018 Pine-Oak-Hemlock Session

2018 Pine-Oak-Hemlock Session

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Great Bay Community College, Portsmouth, NH

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Silvicultural systems and practices including growth, yield, quality, regeneration in even- and uneven-aged stands—Bill Leak and Mark Ducey

Wildlife considerations—Matt Tarr and Mariko Yamasaki

New markets for northeastern forest owners? an intro to ecosystem marketsJohn Gunn

Field trip to Massabesic Experimental Forest (Lyman ME). Field trip leaders: Karen Bennett, Mark DuceyJohn Gunn, Bill Leak, Tom Lee, Isabel Munck, Matt Tarr, Mariko Yamasaki

Required Readings

Please read these in advance of attending the session. Bring copies of readings for reference. Copies won’t be provided at module session:

Suggested readings

Stand dynamics and forest health assignment

The goal of this assignment is to apply knowledge gained through today’s presentations, field trip, and your previous experience to develop a rapid assessment of a portion of UNH Woodlands in regards to patterns in pine-oak-hemlock forest development and associated forest health considerations.

Form a small group and discuss the questions on this worksheet:  Assignment for Pine-Oak-Hemlock Module: Stand Dynamics and Forest Health. Fill out and submit one group worksheet (see “Upload your assignment” below) by Thursday morning before the session begins. When naming your file, use at least one last name of a person in your group.

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Submit electronically to instructors here by Thursday morning.


  • May 16: 8.0 SAF category 1 CFE and 3.0 CT CEUs
  • May 17: 8.0 SAF category 1 CFE credits and 3.0 CT CEUs