2018 Northern Hardwood Session

2018 Northern Hardwood Session

Agenda, Presentations (below) and Class Picture
Bartlett Experimental Forest, Bartlett, NH

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

What’s new in northern hardwood silviculture?Bill Leak

Northern hardwood silviculture: what else can you say?Tony D’Amato

What’s new in northern hardwoods silviculture–the wildlife elementsMariko Yamasaki and Chris Costello

Tour Bartlett Experimental Forest

Field trip map–Bartlett Experimental Forest

Field trip notes–Bartlett Experimental Forest

Field trip leaders: Chris Costello, Tony D’Amato, Kevin Evans, Bill Leak, Mariko Yamasaki

Required video

Click on link below. It takes you to the Institute Online page.  Click on “overview session videos”.  If you have not accessed the Silviculture Institute online material, you will have to create a free Vimeo account.  Once you have done that, find the 2nd video entitled “Silvicultural Review: Back to Basics” and click on “Rent $4.95” and then on the next page click on “Apply promo code” and enter “Overview”.  If you do this, the video is free to watch.

Silvicultural Review: Back to Basics, Dr. Tony D’Amato, University of Vermont

Required readings

Please read these in advance of attending the session. Bring copies of readings for reference. Copies won’t be provided at module session:

Suggested readings

Forest site conditions and associated treatments assignment

The goal of this assignment is to apply the knowledge gained through today’s presentations, field trip and your previous experience to develop a rapid assessment of the site conditions in our final two field trip stops.

Form a small group and discuss the questions on this worksheet Assignment: forest site conditions and associated treatments. Fill out and submit one group worksheet  (see “Upload your assignment” below) by Thursday morning before the session begins. When naming the file, use at least one last name of a person in your group.

Upload your assignment here


  • September 5: 7.5 SAF category 1 CFE and 3.0 CT CEUs
  • September 6: 8.5 SAF category 1 CFE credits and 3.0 CT CEUs
  • Certificates of attendance will be distributed at the end of day two.